Register your LayerFused Printer

This registration database is used to record individual printer builds of the LayerFused X301 printer. Registration is completely optional. Registration does provide you with a unique serial number for your printer which is registered to your build. You can optionally choose to register only digitally or register physically and receive an aluminum plate to mount to your printer for a small fee to cover the manufacturing costs of the aluminum badge. Digital registrations are completely free.

Terms of registration

The terms of registration may change from time to time. You can always refer back to this form link to see the latest terms available. You may not register printers before being built. They must be complete and photo evidence of the build available. You agree that by registering your printer that you completed the build yourself and have provided photo proof that your build is complete. If you did not post your build to the reddit group you can email a photo of your build to [email protected] from the same email you are using to register in this form. Once the form and photo are received (or verified on reddit) we will email you confirmation of your serial number within 10 business days. Your physical badge will ship at the time we notify you of your registration is complete. You also agree that your build is at least 80% of the original LayerFused X301 reference build design. You agree that the moniker "LayerFused X301" or the appropriate model number is and will remain predominately displayed on your printer. For example a 2 nozzle version would be an X302. You agree that your use of the LayerFused name is limited to your authentic build only and does not extended to other printer builds you may manufacture. You agree that you are an individual and not a vendor of 3D Printers. If you are interested in becoming an authorized vendor please contact [email protected].

Privacy Policy, GDPR and CCPA Statement

Your information is used here for internal purposes and LayerFused marketing purposes. We will never disclose your real name, address or other personal contact information except where required by law. Your Handle, Serial Number, Country and City/Province may be used in marketing and info graphics that highlights printers and their locations. For example your State & City/Province may be aggregated to indicate that 5 printers are located in Poplar Grove, Illinois. If you have posted a build photo for proof of ownership to the Reddit group your serial number and build photo may also be used. You can opt-out of use of your build photo in this document. Your individual serial number and handle will not be used with location data publicly. For example we may display "Serial 000001 - rwmech" however that information will not be shown along with location data. Location data is only used in aggregate form. All other uses of your data are for internal marketing and communication directly with you. In compliance with GDPR and CCPA you may request removal of your registration information at any time by emailing [email protected] with your formal and legal request.

Personal Details

Mailing Address

Providing your address will allow us to mail you owner's club exclusive items and information.

Build Information

To help us validate your build, please provide a link to a post or photo of your build.