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Choose your Build

Before you build your LayerFused printer, you must ask yourself a few questions:

  • What will I be printing?
  • What is my budget?
  • Am I ready to tackle a project?

The answers to these questions will assist you in picking the right printer. Our DIY printers are targeted to users of all levels, whether you're looking to just learn a new hobby or learn a completely new set of skills. In the end you'll have a reliable printer you can depend on that you've built yourself. As you grow in the hobby you can add more features to your printer and continue to learn. The 3D printing space is ever evolving with new designs and products that not only make it easier to print, but expand what and how you print. If you run into any trouble, the LayerFused team and our community of makers are here to help.

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Gather Parts

LayerFused 3D Printer builds are open source builds are created under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. This means that you can build this printer on your own and source the parts however you want. You are not tied into an ecosystem where you must purchase parts through a single vendor. LayerFused printers are about making 3D Printing more accessible worldwide.

So now that you're ready to source your parts where do you start? You start with the Bill Of Materials or parts list from the 3D Printers page. Once you have that you would need to print your 3D Printed parts. The printed parts can often be printed at Makerspaces and libraries. You can also obtain parts from the 3D Printing community at large. Many people on Etsy, Facebook, Discord will print the files for a small fee. You can also purchase many 3D Parts from the LayerFused Store

Hardware for your build can be purchased from a number retail vendors and links for some vendors are in the Bill of Materials. The following vendor links help support the LayerFused project through your purchases:

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Get To Work

You have your parts sourced and you're ready to start. You have a number of resources at your disposal to complete you build:

All of these resources will allow you to ask questions about you build and join our outstanding community of makers.

We recommend documenting your build as this is a wonderful project to look back on. Post your progress photos on your favorite social media platform and use the hash tag #LayerFused along with the printer you are building such as the #X301. Share with others and the community your progress and excitement of building a LayerFused printer.

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Launch your build!

You've put in the work and your printer is built. It is now time to launch! Now that your printer is ready you will want to calibrate your printer, perform your first test prints and then show off your results. The LayerFused Owners Club enables you to join an exclusive club of others and show off your work, participate in special contents, events and much more. Visit the links below to move into the next phase of 3D Printer ownership: